Monday, May 04, 2015

Lisa is...

So I decided to look up my name on Google to see what the site has planned for me today.
~ So far it says that I'm painting a fence that is 26 foot long. Hmm I wonder what colour I'm painting it.. brown more than likely, or even white.
~ I'm also busy nerding. Nerding.. what exactly would I be doing by nerding? According to the Urban dictionary Nerding is all about enjoying things as they are and being enthusiastic. Ok I guess I'm nerding right now. lol 
~ I'm a vegetarian? I'm trying to become a vegetarian, but I love my bacon and burgers so it's rather hard. I am cutting down on how much meat I eat though and am trying to cut down to eating no meat.. period. G'bye burgers.. g'bye bacon.
~ Woah Google says that I'm a mom.. how the heck is that even possible?? Who's the father?!?!?Noooooooo! Dang it.. why am I always the last to know these things! pphhttpp

~ Google even says that I'm short.. hey I resent that remark.. I'm not short, I'm Thorin sized!
Thorin is 5'2 and I'm still clinging to my 5'3 and a half.. ok so really I'm about 5'2. So see I'm Thorin sized! The first one to call me a dwarf will get a pop in the back of the head..
~ Last but not least I'm cooking muffins.. hopefully blueberry ones! I could really go for a blueberry muffin right now.

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