Wednesday, May 06, 2015

$94,323,148 tax refund.. really??

A woman named Brigitte Jackson in Georgia claimed that she had made $99 million dollars in wages and was owed a  $94,323,148 tax refund.. can we say tax fraud?
Forgive me for being blunt but.. the idiot actually tried to cash the check thinking she had gotten away with it!
The IRS was on the case  and actually sent her a fake check, they told her where to go to cash the check as well. A bank that is located inside a supermarket.
She also has a relative, Darrius White who tried the same thing. The IRS is looking for him as well. White also reported earning $99 million and attempted to claim the refund.
White and Jackson are now being charged with 5 charges.. which includes attempted theft by taking and conspiracy to defraud the state.
The funny thing is that both of them kept calling about their refunds, pestering the IRS.. that pestering is what made the IRS take action against them.

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