Friday, April 17, 2015

New stories that make you shake your head in wonder...

I enjoy reading some of the news articles on the web and have found some pretty interesting ones.
In Peru a woman chained her husband, Pablo Tamariz Coraquillo, 86 up in a shack so he wouldn't run away. He was finally released after 2 years when someone alerted the police.
Fire fighters went to fight a blaze and heard the sound of someone screaming for help. After the fire was under control, they ran in and found that there were parrots in the house and they were the ones screaming for help. They were rescued of course!
A woman in the UK went to a wedding and left her children home alone. The children were 10and 13 years old and are currently in care of the state. The mother was arrested at the airport, apparently going to a wedding in another country is more important than caring for her children properly.
A power company worker in the UK stole a bike and denied doing so. See the bike was "dumped" on the side of the road.. well actually it was chained up, this guy cut the lock off and tucked the bike into his work truck.
In Florida, a man who was saying he was Thor was busted having sex with a tree. He was high on "Flakka" which is a drug known as bath salts.
Read here for more and photo's! Man had sex with a tree, attacked police officer and claimed he was God while high

A woman married a paedophile and decided that for her teen daughters safety then need to be locked in their rooms at night. The family of these girls are fighting it, but social services seems to think that this is ok.
Read here for more and photo's! Girls locked in bedroom every night so mum can sleep with paedophile

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