Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Cleansing negative energies while cleaning

While your cleaning, visualize the energy in the area that your cleaning being cleaned up and purified as well. Salt is also an excellent energy purifier. I have a glass of salt on my shelf in my bedroom and change it out every month. Usually when I'm cleaning I will wipe down things with salt water.
I have a rug in my bedroom... I vacuum it first and then sprinkle salt on the rug and vacuum it up later. Plants are a big air purifier and are good to cleanse the energy in a space. They help clean the air and make the room look nicer. Smudging with sage is also great with cleaning away the negative energy in a room or home.
I always open up my windows during storms and on those breezy days. I love watching the curtains sway in the breezes that come into the room. Rearranging furniture helps to move the energy around, also I would advise you to look into Feng Shui.

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