Thursday, April 02, 2015

4 pets is enough for me right now...

We almost adopted another pup this afternoon, well my mum did actually. I was smart and stayed home. I knew that if I went to Lollypop Farm then I would want to adopt another pet and well.. we already have a dog and three cats as well as a rabbit. I don't think we really need any more right now.
Lollypop Farm is an amazing place that you can go to if your looking for a pet to adopt. They even have horses and other animals you can adopt as well. Whenever I go there I always find myself leaving with a heavy heart at all of the animals that are stuck behind bars and being passed up on a daily basis because of their age.
I'm in a house filled with seniors at the moment, minus the rabbit who is still a baby at around 2 years old. I don't think it's very fair to bring in another pet when the ones who are currently living here are just starting to get along.
My nieces cats moved in and it's been a difficult transition for the pup to get used to them. He went from being the man of the house to having to male cats move in on his territory,lol.
Twas not a pretty site to say the least. 

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