Friday, March 06, 2015

The benefits of lemon water

There are any benefits to drinking water with lemons in it.
One of the ladies at work drinks warm lemon water every morning when she gets up.
I've started drinking lemon water when out at a restaurant and a little sweetener is added to it.
I know those things are bad for you, but I can't stand to drink the water plain and adding sugar to it is out of the question.
Here's what it does for you..
Not only is it a good way to detox yourself, but it's also a wonderful additive to loosing weight.
There's a lot of Vitamin C in lemons and that will help to boost your immune system.
One thing I didn't know was that it helps with the acidity in your body and the uric acid in your joints is removed.
Uric Acid is a main cause when it comes to inflammation in your joints, so drink lemon water for your joints sake!



  1. I have found that drinking the lemon water warm takes some of that bitterness away. If I want the lemon really strong, I add a tiny drop of honey. That might be a better option for you to sweeteners.

  2. Will give this a try, thanks :) Do you think tonic water would be ok?