Sunday, March 08, 2015

Spring is right around the corner

My taxes have come and gone. I have $40 left of them. I bought a vacuum as well as 2 kindles and a playstation2 so that I can watch movies in my bedroom. I have no cable in there and nor do I want it. I'm quite content watching my movies and shows on Netflix.
Ahh yeah, the snow is finally melting here in my small part of the world and I can see patches of grass around town and in my yard. I did hear that we are supposed to get some snow again later this week. I'm hoping it goes past us and that winter is pretty much over and done with.
I'm getting excited with the thought of opening up the window and listening to the wind chimes ring in the room. I have some hanging in the centre of my room, when the wind is blowing they sound lovely.

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