Friday, March 27, 2015

Frozen Party Idea's
My youngest niece loves the movie Frozen and has asked for a Frozen party this year for her birthday. This summer I want to try a few party idea's out that I found in an old day care journal and came up with.
~ Put on some Disney Princess music and allow it to play in the background during the party.

~ Buy crowns and jewellery for the guests.
~ Crowns can also be made by blue and white construction paper and stickers. A great craft project for the beginning of the party.
~ How about some face painting and tattoos, what little princess wouldn't like to have her face painted?

~ Have your Princess help you make some snow flakes that you can hang around the room or in the trees with some blue and white streamers.
~ Have on hand some hot chocolate with marshmallows and snowflake cookies.
~ Sift gems into some sand and let the Princess hunt for them. What they find they get to keep.
~ Play the game Freeze dancing. When the music stops the Princesses stop moving and freeze into place. The dancing resumes when the music starts up again.
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