Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dumbledore is gay.. deal with it!

As everyone knows, back in 2007 JK Rowling let it slip that our beloved Professor Dumbledore is gay and for some reason folks are really having a hard time dealing with the very concept. It's not like you couldn't tell that he was by the books..
JK clearly stated it in the 7th book that, as a teen Albus loved Grindewald who in turn betrayed him. I had a feeling he was numerous times throughout reading the books. He reads knitting magazines for one, that is a sure sign right there!
As many know, just recently over the past few months a young fan tweeted to JK about her confusion on Dumbledore's sexuality and why he was made to be gay. JK simply stated that "Maybe because gay people just look like.. people."
To some this statement was rude and uncalled for, but in my opinion it's a statement that speaks volumes. Can you imagine being JK and having to answer questions about that subject over and over again? It get's rather boring and very annoying!
Just a FYI there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.

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