Friday, March 20, 2015

Children of the Moon
*This is a short story I wrote based on a very vivid dream that I had. I am also writing it from first person point of view because that's the way the dream was. I am seriously thinking of taking this further, but for now I'm stopping where the dream stopped.*
The house was quiet.. too quiet. As I laid on the single bed in the almost empty room. A deep weary sigh came from within. Life as I knew it to be was no more. I felt like an outsider, oh who am I kidding.. I am an outsider, I literally don't belong anywhere.
When I fell into the coma or "asleep", they said that I was normal, but when I woke up 13 years later I was different.. very different. My family is gone, I have no living relatives and if I do they aren't coming forward to claim me as one of their own. I don't even recognize this world that I live in to be honest. People look different to me.. they look dull and lifeless.

What I do remember is playing in the yard with my dog, I think he was my dog I really don't remember, this dog was black and white and was chasing me around the yard. I climbed a tree and I somehow missed a branch and fell down, my head slamming hard on a rock.. I remember the pain and then everything went dark. The lady at the hospital said that I went into the coma a nine year old child, and when I woke up.. I was still nine years old and I had changed.
My black hair was full and thick, my eyes were once a hazel color and now they were a ice blue, my skin.. it glowed as bright as the moon. When I asked about my family a woman said that they had passed or that they lost touch with them.. my parents gave up on me.
I was placed in a home with a man and a woman who were married. She was really nice and made me feel as if I wasn't different. She made me feel slightly normal. Then again I'm not really sure what normal is anymore. The man was different. He didn't want me there and made it well know that I was an intruder and in his home.. I was intruding.
I always ate my meals in my bedroom and was only welcome outside of the room when he wasn't home. The woman made excuses for him, but none of them were acceptable in my eyes and the hate was very clear in his.

I heard a door slam so I got up and opened my door hoping that he was gone. "She's one of them.. we need to destroy her now before she destroys all of us!" It was him, I could see him standing in the other room with one of his hunting rifles in his hands.
"She is a child Eli,a child!"
"Death is who she is Marta. Where she goes death follows in her footsteps. Child or not we must do what's right!"
I held my breath and closed the door quietly and backed into the room. The window opened smoothly and I was able to climb out into the night. I knew that the further away I got from him, the safer I would be.
I slept during the day and slept at night.. since I was small I was able to find places to hide and sleep.
I didn't have to worry about the animals because for some reason they seemed to stay away from me.. they were as scared of me as I was of them.
The only animal that didn't stay away was a big brown barn owl that seemed to have come out of nowhere. I discovered that when I slept he was near me and when I walked he was flying above me as if keeping an eye on me.

Then one night I had the most amazing dream..
I was in a field surrounded by wild flowers of every color possible. Sitting in the center of the field was a snow white tent. The tent flaps were open and flapping around in the wind. I walked into the tent and much to my amazement.. it was empty except for a book with blank pages.
I was awakened in the morning by the sound of the owl screeching above me. I was feeling a bit hungry, but not as hungry as I should have been.. considering I haven't eaten in at least two days.

I walked until I came up to a forest. The forest was dark, it was like the sun wasn't allowed inside. By the time the full moon was up I guessed to be someone toward the middle.. I saw a clearing up ahead and edged closer to it. Despite it being a bit chilly outside my skin felt warm, when I looked down at my hands they were glowing again.
There was a glow up ahead that was moving around the clearing. I hid behind a tree, in the clearing was a village of people who had the same glowing skin as mine. They were young as if they had all bathed in the fountain of youth as I seemed to have done. I heard a noise behind me and froze, then turned slowly. A young man stood there with his hand extended to me, "It's ok, little one. We've been expecting you." 

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