Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Perfect 10!

This is nothing naughty, just my thoughts on something... I belong to a group here on Facebook called "Greek Gods _ The Perfect Male Body" which is simply a lot of Buff guys who are photographed in their undies or whatnot. I wonder if they realize just how imperfect those built up bodies really are? I'm sure a good portion of them are using something the help them achieve that "perfect" body.
Now Richard on the other hand is a Perfect 10 in my book as he is a real man, no enhancers or fillers who pump up his body to make him look bigger {OK I'm waiting for it... go ahead lol} He is comfortable in his own body enough to do "Between the Sheets" and run around shirtless. He has no huge 6 pack, but let me tell you something.. he doesn't need one. I would choose someone like this over someone who is all built and buff.

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