Monday, February 09, 2015

Richard Armitage Obsession

 It's so bloody cold here my fingers are freezing as I type this out. Stupid snow... I'm totally breaking up with Winter and dating Summer again. At least Summer knew how to keep me feeling all warm and comfy and walking around in flip flops was a huge perk too as I just love my flip flops!
My back is still hurting, but hopefully that pain will go away after a few days. I have a lot of muscle relaxers aka Midol that will help it out. That all menstrual aspirin is are muscle relaxers so they work great for back aches. At least mine does any way. lol
I started another blog for some stories from a group on Facebook that I belong to. It's all about Richard Armitage and stories that he inspired. It's rather empty right now except for a story that I wrote a while back, but hopefully it will fill up pretty soon.
I added a few ladies from the group to the page so that they can post their stories to it when they want to. This group is an interesting one and have never ever seen one like it. I'm enjoying the photos that are being posted on the page as well as the stories so far.

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