Friday, January 09, 2015

Wet Seal is in the news

I live in Rochester, NY in a small town called Greece. A lot of the schools are named after the Greek Gods here. We have a mall called Greece Ridge, I work at a store that is located in the mall. There was a Wet Seal store in the mall, but now according to the news it has closed.  This sign was posted on the window of the store and now it's all over the news sites here in my hometown.
The sad thing is that I knew a few folks who worked there and suddenly found themselves out of jobs. A friend lost all of her vacation time and they won't pay her any of her accrued sick days as well. I have to say that seeing signs like this posted in store is a good thing. Not only does it show how the company treats it's employee's, but it reminds me as to why I won't buy anything from there.
Most unfortunately with companies it's all about money and not about the employees. Wet Seal has no money they are as broke as broke can be. It's a shame that they have to resort to this type of dishonesty. Instead of paying that CFO a $100,000 raise, use that money to pay the employees their sick and vacation time.
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