Saturday, January 03, 2015

Is it good to be connected with your child's teacher via social media?

I was reading an article in a magazine about being hooked up with a teacher via social media. For example, is it ok for a child's parent to be friends with the teacher on Facebook?
They way I see it there are many good things about this as well as downfalls. One good thing is that if the teacher posts something about your child, you'll be able to see and share it on your own Facebook.

If the teacher posts updates about the school activity then you'll be in the know and won't be
surprised when a situation comes about. The bad is that this could lead to teacher parent favouritism. If certain parent's are constantly liking the teachers posts and leaving comments, that could make the teacher like them more than the other parents.

Those favourite parents could also find that the teacher gives their children more attention than the other children. Then you have the situation that could arise.. what is a message was misinterpreted. Not only could that cause problems with the teachers and the parent's, but it could also affect the classroom  and the children as well.

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