Sunday, January 04, 2015

Bubblews will thrive on into 2015

There is one thing that is really annoying me right now and that is two faced writer's. See a lot of them are trash talking this site on other sites, but yet they still come around and post here and there to accrue money in their bank.
I think that if you haven't posted in a certain number of weeks then your account should be deleted. They are obviously not bringing anything to the table so to speak, so they don't need to be there.
The Bubblews site went through some much needed changes as of late and a lot of folks weren't paid what they earned. See my thing about that is.. it states in the ToS so many things that a lot of Bubblers aren't paying attention to!

"You may receive a portion of advertising revenue (“Revenue Program”) received by Bubblews in connection with authenticate genuine social interactions (“likes,” comments, and views) on the Site by posting valid content." {Taken from}
See what they are saying there.. You MAY and not you WILL,  they aren't saying that you will receive $$ they are saying that you may receive $$ for your posts. People seem to be ignoring this section of the ToS at the Bubblews site.

"Bubblews is constantly changing and improving the Site and Revenue Program. We may add or remove functionalities or features of the Revenue Program at any time, and we may suspend or stop the Revenue Program altogether." {Taken from}
The are constantly making changes to this site, which in my opinion is wonderful. In the beginning they may have gotten in a bit over their heads with the cash flow and have admitted to such. Unfortunately because a lot of folks depended on that money that they earned, there was very little give and take. The Powers that be also cut some of the $$ that folks had accrued from their past redemptions. They did this huge cut because of the amount of scamming and cheating that took place from a lot of the International writer's.

"Abuse the Site’s likes/views/comment system by any means including but not limited to use of exchange groups, or utilizing code, tags, cookies, Traffic Exchange, bots, proxies, virtual private network or other forms of social or digital manipulation to generate non-authentic likes/views/comment on your posts." {Taken from}
This is why they had to go to such drastic changes.. There were so many like farms and groups on Facebook that it was crazy. The International folks who were involved were doing a 5 like for 5 like. Meaning if you go like 5 of their posts then they will do the same for you. That is cheating and not acceptable. Honestly if you can't write your own posts then you don't belong posting on the writing sites at all.

There is another thing that the writer's at the site are grumbling about and that is the communication between the staff of the site and the writer's. There is some communication, but some writer's prefer more while other's have no problem with the random posts that the staff put out.
They are busy folks and I'm sure they don't have all the time in the world to just sit around and babysit the feelings of certain folks who require a post from them every week or so. That to me is childish, they will post when they have something to post about.
I believe this site will live long and prosper as long as it has some good writer's working with the staff. They have a lot of writer's there who want to see the site succeed and not crash and burn.
I am going to continue to support this site because they are a great site that is run by great people. Mistakes will be made, everyone makes them. Second chances are deserved with this site.

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