Monday, December 01, 2014

In the darkness lies secrets of the forgotten

 All of the poems were scribbled by myself. If someone else wrote them then I'll let ya know.

No pain could be deeper than I feel right now.
I see no point in living if he doesn't love me.
There is no hope that he would do so,
I have no dream's to pursue, no hopes for the future.
When I look to myself I frown at what I see.
For I know in my heart that his love can set me free.
If I can't have him then please Goddess,
let the world be done with me.
Because of you, my life isn't as bad as it had seemed.
My once empty heart overflows with your love.
My body yearns for your gentle caresses.
My lips yearn for your sweet teasing kisses.
Your love has made me whole, no longer do I go to sleep each night wanting and aching.
When the wind is warm or the crickets sing,
I can hear your voice floating to me singing me to sleep with your sweet words.
I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.
I found that in you, my sweet love.
I want to be seen, love and touched by you and no other.
I want to see, love and touch you.
To make you feel how my love is strong and true.
I want to make you see how my love is only for you.
I sit alone and ask myself how this could happen to me.
The man I thought loved me has no use for me.
I thought he was an angel, who was sent from above.
He filled my empty heart with so much love.
Then with a blink of the eye he was gone.
I ask myself how could an angel break my heart.
I loved him dearly wanting to never part.
I gave him my love, heart and soul.
All of that the angel stole.
My heart is empty, and hollow inside.
I don't trust my feeling, for fear of another lie.
I know this is crazy, but I actually thought he loved me.
Now I'm in reality and I'm alone.
If you see the angel who broke my heart, please tell him something for me.
My eyes were opened to finally see, that you never did love me.

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