Tuesday, December 09, 2014

In the darkness lies secrets of the forgotten #3

All of the poems were scribbled by myself.
 If someone else wrote them then I'll let ya know.

Come into the darkness with me,
The candle's flame flickers bright.
Come into the darkness with me,
I keep you safe from the evil that lurks there.
Come into the darkness with me,
I'll guide you on your way.
Come into the darkness with me,
I'll show you the way to heaven.
If I gave you my heart.. would you break it?
If I gave you my soul.. would you cherish it?
If I gave you my life.. would you protect it?
If I gave you myself.. would you love me?
If you gave me your heart.. I would rather die than break it.
If you gave me your soul.. I would cherish it until the day I die.
If you gave me your life.. I would protect it with my own.
If you gave me yourself.. I would love you forever and a day.
My love for you, remains unknown.
My subtle hints remained unclear to you.
So I sent a letter, telling you how I feel
I fear you doubt my love as being true.
What can I do to prove it to you?
You have been my life for 7 months, and through that time,
my heart has belonged to you and only you.
You have been my world for so long, I want to make it real,
but I don't know how to reach you.
I know you have been hurt before,
I vow to never hurt you or break your heart.
All I ask is that you do the same for me.
Please don't be scared to love me,
for we both know we are meant to be together.
I will always love you no matter what happens.
You will always have my heart.
I hope someday to have yours.
For RC
Ever wonder why one can't say one thing and mean it?
Ever wonder why "love" makes a person feel so cold and lonely?
Ever wonder why there's mainly frogs, with very few princes?
Ever wonder where the Prince Charming's vanished to?
I think of you as I close my eyes each night,
I think of you as I lay in the tub of jasmine scented bubbles,
I think of you as I climbed into my empty bed at the end of a hectic,
I think of you lying beside me holding me tight, your hands caressing me softly,
I think of you cuddling on the couch with me talking about everything under the sun,
I think of you making love to me for hours on end until we both collapse in a tangled heap.
I think of you hoping that you will be forever by my side.

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