Friday, December 05, 2014

In the darkness lies secrets of the forgotten #2

 All of the poems were scribbled by myself.
If someone else wrote them then I'll let ya know.

I have traveled down lonely roads that lead to nowhere.
I have seen the heartbreak and tears love can bring.
As I walk down my lonely roads I think of the love I am seeking.
The kind of love that doesn't hurt or bring tears to my eyes.
I seek the kind of love you read of in the romance novels,
I seek a happily ever after.
I am in search of the other half of my soul.
Once I find that then I shall find my love.
Thank you for the broken promises.
Thank you for the empty dreams.
I'm now falling apart at the seams.
Thank you for the endless tears.
I haven't cried this much in years.
Thank you for now my heart is broken, shattered apart.
Thank you because never again will I give another my heart.
Thank you once again because now I see..
Falling in love isn't meant for me.
I will mend and the tears will fade,
Along with the memories of the dreams we once made.
I come into the darkness seeking the shelter of it's shadows.
The fires within my heart slowly dying under cold fingers.
The love I once felt melted into the shadowed abyss.
Never to be felt again.
My heart feels slightly empty right now,
it's as if a piece of me is missing
and no matter how hard I search
I just can't find it.
All of the pieces of my puzzle look like they're here,
but they aren't.
I wonder where my missing piece is.. 
I stand alone, dwelling within my sea of despair.
My hands reaching out for someone to touch, to feel,
My heart believing your love could be real.
Upon these dark water's I float, hoping to be rescued,
But my cries still go unheard and fall upon deaf ears.
Leaving me to float within the sea of despair.

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