Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last night's dream.. kept me up most of the night..

Last night's dream could possibly be used in a short story, but I'm not sure if I would even consider it.
I like to write stories with happy endings.. not the kind of ending that could have happened with this dream..
I dreamed that I was in a castle on the main floor. I was in this open room with two staircases, one on the right and the other on the left.
My mums room was on the right, I know she was there because she yelled that one of the cats peed in her bed.. that actually happened two days ago.. hehe
My dog was there with me. We were standing in this room that was empty. I had walked around and went to the stairs on the left where my room was.

I looked over and there was a heating grate or something where these three snakes came up out of the ground.
One had a pretty big cricket sitting on it's nose. I screamed for mom to close her door and that there were snakes in the main room.
I moved to the first step and saw that my dog was stuck behind a closed glass door. I ran up the steps and looked behind me, the snakes were huge..
I heard my mum scream and the glass door shattered and my dog yelped. The snake was about to get me when I forced myself to wake up.

I was going to look this dream up, but after thinking about it, it still spooks me.
FYI I am deathly afraid of snakes.. 

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