Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jibberish and blah's are overwhelming!

I seem to be writing jibberish as of late and I'm not too happy about it.
Granted for the NaNo your not supposed to allow your inner editor to come out to play, alas for me that's very hard to do.
I always edit as I go.. it's just how I write and how I have always written!!
I am going to try to appease that inner editor and see if I can get her preoccupied with something else for now, maybe a word search or something.
I do like my word searches and have a new book she can use.
Then toss onto that jibberish writing that I was attacked in my own home.
My bed has always been a safe haven for me, but now I know that I can be attacked anywhere.
Oh no not physically attacked by a person I merely caught a cold. lol

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