Monday, November 17, 2014

I solemly swear that I will not shop on Thanksgiving Day!

In my family we have many traditions for this day. The most important one is that we don't go out Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day, we wait until later in the day on Friday. I am carrying on mine by not shopping on Thanksgiving Day because I don't believe that any stores should be open. Every business should be shut down on this day as well as Christmas. I take it back.. I went to the corner store last year.. to bring the girl who was working a late of food as she was forced to work instead of being with her family and children. 
My family has a tradition. After we are done eating we go and buy a Christmas tree from a family run tree farm about an hour away. The trees are beautiful and this family is awesome. When asked why they open on Thanksgiving day they will tell you that it's a family tradition. They do it every year since the gentleman who is running it now was a little boy. He is carrying on his families tradition.
Instead of companies putting family first on this holiday they are putting money before it. Mind you the folks running these companies are home eating it up with their families while the folks who are forced to work for a living are working during the holiday. Companies need to put employees and family before money. Your precious money will be made on Black Friday so stop being greedy!!

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