Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Adopt a Nightmare

Getting shipwrecked on a deserted island. Find a house that is not abandoned, but is filled with ghosts/zombies/vampires/any combination thereof. Works especially well if the MC is a child (or a child in the dream) and is shipwrecked with the family. Goes to explore with the dad-which doesn't have to be the dad IRL, get separated in the house (okay, this was a real nightmare I had a long time ago, so) possibly because needs the bathroom. Is chased around, down stairs, back to campsite with rest of family. Feel free to insert bizarreness (in the actual dream, after leaving the bathroom being chased by a ghost from, where else, the toilet, I ran downstairs, at which point my dad chased me by riding on a shopping cart.
I often have ocean nightmares.  In these nightmares I go to the beach, but as soon as I touch the water, it drags me in.  Alternatively, the dream starts out nowhere near the beach, but the ocean on the distant horizon comes closer and closer until the water is lapping at my feet.  Either way, I end up touching the water and getting sucked out away from the shore.  As much as I try to struggle, I can't quite get back to solid land.  In fact, the solid land starts to disappear because the water keeps rising until the whole shore is submerged.  Usually once I get dragged even further into the ocean, an enormous wave rises up and sucks me towards itself.
Another nightmare I used to have a lot was when I would look into a mirror and smile, at which point my reflection's face would distort in horrible, demoniac ways.  I also used to have nightmares about a giant black dog with yellow eyes with slit pupils, but those nightmares stopped when I dreamed that I befriended the dog.
Anyway, I was in my room, and I walked out of it like any other time I would. I typically like to keep my steps quiet, since I hate the way houses creak, and I went into my sister's room across the hall. She's almost 11, and she was laying in her bed with another boy. They were both fully clothed and just seemed like to best friends laying together and talking. But the creepy thing was (aside from how everything was black and white) I had walked up next to the bed and they didn't notice me. He was leaned over, and he was whispering in her ear very quickly and very quietly. She listened with a vaguely bored expression before this look comes over her features that's similar to a deer in headlights. Her eyes go really wide and her lips parted just slightly as though he just told her something terrible.
Suddenly, I'm in my living room. The living room is connected to the kitchen in one large portion of the house and I was standing about right where the floorboards met the carpet. In front of me stood this girl who looked like she was from the Victorian era. She looked about my age, and was wearing a long white nightgown. Her hair was a little longer than mine and thinner too. She stared at me, and I opened my mouth to say something but nothing would come out (typical in a dream, right) and she smiled. But the muscles in her face didn't quite.. Stop? Her mouth kept stretching and stretching until the tips of her mouth reached the bottom lids of her eyes and some black sludge flooded them and was cascading down her cheeks. She said something really loud and sounded like gibberish and flew up and bounced around the room like a bouncy ball! It was funny at first, until she started breaking bones! She did it about seven times until she slammed into the ground and broke her neck; then she got up again and her neck was bent an impossible angle and she melted. It was so terrifying!
Locked inside and walking around an empty building, mostly in shadow, and hearing faint voices around me. They're always directly ahead of me, whichever way I turn. But I never see the talkers, and I can never quite make out what they're saying. I know I have to, because they'll tell me how to get out of the building, but it's all garbled.

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