Saturday, November 08, 2014

12:30am is a good time to go to bed... right?

My inner editor is screaming at me tonight because I am not appeasing her.
I posted a few stories without editing them and she's upset about that as well as she ran out of Skittles.
I took a nap today so it was going to be a late night of writing for me it, but it seems that my pup has other idea's.. he's laying on the bed sighing at random and it's at that time that he's telling me to stop typing and get my butt into bed where I belong.
He, like me, doesn't like to sleep alone it seems. I can't fall asleep unless he's snuggled up next to me and the sound of the keyboard is interrupting his beauty sleep.
So I guess I'm off to bed since the muse has decided to head herself to bed as well.

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