Friday, October 31, 2014

Show respect when trick or treating in neighborhoods that aren't your own...

I bought the girls Halloween new trick or treat bags last year with pumpkin faces on them. They are actually reusable bags from the grocery store, but they are Halloween so I gave them to the girls to use on Halloween night. I figure with these bags they can be reused every year until they stop trick or treating. Last year I gave them the bags and stuck 4 glow sticks on string and attached them to the bags handles.
We have a lot of parent's bring their kids in from the city to our neighborhood to for a few hours. You don't trick or treat in the city as you could find razor blades in an apple or two.. sadly, its been done before. Unfortunately the parents are always telling their kids to get to the door first and push the other kids out of the way. My youngest niece, when she was 3 was shoved hard into a brick wall by a group of kids trying to get to the door first. Their mother and I almost got into a fight when I told them to back off, yes I was very loud and angry, because she was there and to stop pushing.
Luckily one of the fathers in the neighborhood was a police officer and was still in uniform, guns and all, lol. He spoke to the parent for a few minutes and she took her van full of kids and left. He said he told her that if they were coming to our neighborhood they needed to show respect for those who live here and that if they couldn't show that respect then he didn't want to see them here in our neighbourhood.
Another time I was home sick while my sister took the girl trick or treating. I just had the sniffles, but it was beautiful out, which is rare for Halloween night and I was sitting my step handing out candy. A woman parked her van right in front of my driveway so we couldn't get out. I told her she needed to move the van because she wasn't going to be blocking my driveway as I had to leave in a few minutes. She told me she would be right back. As she was walking away I told her that I was going to have it towed because it was blocking my property and I reminded her that I needed to leave in a few minutes. She flipped me the bird and walked away.
When she came back she found her van gone and a state trooper, who was the neighbours son was waiting for her to give her a ticket. I have yet to see her and her van load of children again and no one ever drops kids off in front of my house. lol They think we're playing games with them and that we will take their garbage from them, but we won't and we're not scared to let them know that.
What was great about my neighbours back then was the one on the left of us was an older couple with two sons. 1 was a state trooper and the other was a police detective and they were both big Mama's boys who were at the house all the time.. and I mean daily. They both drove through the neighbourhood 3 times a day, morning, noon and night only they alternated shifts so our neighbourhood was patrolled by then at totally random times of the day. lol
They caught a few drug dealers dealing drugs by the school while on the random patrols and kept a group of rowdy juveniles in line. On top of that the police detective went into the corner store and saw one of the 14 year old kids hand the cashier $10 and the cashier gave him a pack of cigarettes. They were both arrested right there and the kids parents were called.
Now my elderly neighbours have since passed away and our once secured neighbourhood isn't as secure as it used to be. I refuse to hand out candy anymore. I have some set aside for the neighbours and my nieces and that's it. The rest are city kids and their parent's with no manners.

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