Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Possible opening lines

~ One thought kept running through my head as I lay in bed, almost succumbed by the darkness: If he's dead, I'm going to kill him.
~ The sharp, unwelcome sensation of rain on my face ripped me out of my dreams.
~ I'd already told him it wasn't possible. Whatever happened now, it wasn't my fault.  
~ If anything, she felt more awake now that the moon was high and they were locked out for the night. 
~ It was there, written in blood for all to see.  
~ Someone had scattered the stars that night.  
~ If I told you that I loved (C1) it would be a lie, but telling you that I didn't would also be a lie. 
~ Cursing isn’t really mandatory, but it’s hard to get five minutes into a job without invoking deities or the parentage of the last mechanic who worked the hulls. 
~ C1's eyes were glazed over staring blankly at a point in space my face just happened to occupy. 
~ The lights flickered on and off again, they had been doing that for two weeks now. 
~ The day I met C1 is a day I will always remember, mostly because it was the day C1 broke my left arm. 
~ The moment I laid eyes on her my life was over, I just didn't know it yet. 
~ Not even her mother could stop her as she raced into the waves, froth splashing her legs, and jumped into that tiny little rowboat to begin her three-year adventure at sea.  
~ They shared a lot of things, but the most important one was the vast night sky and the single star that called to them both whenever they were lonely. 
~ Forever came sooner than expected.
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