Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Adopted Myths *Used are in Bold*

 Myth that if a cat is abandoned and dies alone, it will take human form and haunt its previous owners.
A lake or body of water that covers in mist at night and in the mist you can see a figure of a woman dancing, the mist swirling around her. Sometimes, you can ever hear her humming. But she's shy, if she sees you watching her, she'll disappear. And the next morning, you'll be found dead, your lungs full of water as if you were drowned, and your eyes blind.

Legend of the mountain: Actually a very large hill riddled with caves and natural tunnels, legend states that if one takes the right path, one will meet a friendly and wise old dragon. Invaluable advice or treasure may result from meeting the dragon. However, taking the wrong path results in meeting monsters, wandering lost in trackless caves for days to months, or ending up trapped in the kingdom of some magical people [ie. Fae] for a year and a day or just indefinitely. Despite the clear warnings that the dragon is nearly impossible to find, many adventurers and some of the locals disappear into the 'mountain' every year. A few even make it out again, more or less intact, though no one in the approximately the last century has claimed actual success in their quest of meeting the dragon.

There is an herb which grants its owner eternal happiness - but can only be found by hedgehogs.

Blodeuwedd, which is Welsh for 'flower face', who appears in The Mabinogion, the oldest European romance. She is made entirely of flowers for a husband who cannot marry a human woman, but is later turned into an owl when she cheats on him.
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