Thursday, October 09, 2014

3 schools that took things too damn far...

Alabama: A school in Mobile County, forced a 5 year old girl sign a contract stating that she wasn't going to kill herself or anyone else. Apparently this little girl was supposed to understand what a "suicide contract" is and exactly what it means. I seriously hope the parents of this child sue the school, especially now that they are making this child go to a psychiatrist because she used a bloody crayon as a gun.. Really people???
Utah: Uintah Elementary School,  in Salt Lake City took it upon themselves to throw away lunches for over 40 students.. threw them away! Why? Because the money in their school lunch account was empty. So we'll just toss food in the garbage and let the child eat an apple or a yogurt cup for lunch. That's the responsible thing to do don'tcha know!
Tennessee: A father went to go pick up his kids from school and was arrested. The school enforced a new policy that says the parents have to wait in line for their children to be released. The officer who arrested him said  “School is out. They will give you your child, but it doesn’t say when.”
Oh hello.. if I go to pick up my child.. I will have my child standing next to me within minutes.. No one can tell me that when school is over I can't have my child summoned to the office for a quick pick up. Oh hell nooo.

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