Friday, September 12, 2014

Service dogs & Emotional-support dogs

One of the ladies at work has a shitzu that is considered to be a service dog for her husband who has emotional problems panic attacks and stuff like that so their dog is his service dog.
What I read though is that he is actually considered an Emotional-support dog and not a service dog.. they are not the same and are considered to be different.

A service dog is a working dog and not considered to be a pet, they also do NOT have to wear the vests in order to go into a restaurant or store.
Service dogs are trained depending on the persons needs, they can open doors and push buttons, grabbing medications and pulling wheelchairs.
The Americans with Disabilities Act say's that they don't have to wear vests, but the owners of the business you are occupying with the service dog can inquire as to whether it's there due to the persons disability and what work the dog was trained to do.

Emotional-support animals are merely there to provide emotional support to their owners.
Come to find out.. they don't have the same right's as the service dogs and business owners don't have to allow them in the building.

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