Sunday, September 07, 2014

Just plain crazyness...

Things I learned from reading the online news sites..
1. Never marry a man from Craig's list.. Why? Because he tries to go all Christian Grey and he looks nothing like him.. and just does it wrong!
2. Playboy model involved in a drug ring Why? Because she had a horrible childhood so therefore she did it and that childhood is to blame.
3. Woman and her husband almost divorced because of a frisky ghost Umm not sure what to even say about this, but I'm thinking.. Incubus anyone?
4. Kayakers meet a great white shark Apparently the shark was jealous because the seals were getting all of the photo time!

5. Crazy stuff.. just crazy.. People do crazy things to their bodies.. some intentionally and other's not so intentionally.
6. Say what?? Mere words can not express the plain craziness of this post.. I just don't understand these adults..

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