Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heart of Stone

Today has been an interesting one to say the least.
I am super excited that my nieces will be spending the night tomorrow night so I'm hoping to do something special with them.
I was actually thinking about Chuck E Cheese as we never made it there over the summer.
My mom wasn't feeling very good so I stayed home from work with her to keep an eye on her.
I was able to get some writing done and updates for the blog here. My posts for today were on Bubblews and they are listed below.
What an eye opener... eeps! : I decided to see what Google had in store for me and I was surprised as to what I found..
Scammer alert : Yeah I found another scammer in a group on Facebook so I ousted him on the writing site.
"Always listen to your momma!" : Some people never listen to their momma's and as everyone knows.. Momma's know best!
Birds!: My day yesterday was a great one with a few minor adventures.

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