Saturday, September 06, 2014

Animals around the USA

In Idaho there lives an elk who has a fondness for apples. This poor thing has been removed from Boise where he was caught red handed eating apples off of someone's tree, then he was busted eating apples off a another tree in Garden City and he was promptly removed yet again. I think someone should locate him to an abandoned apple orchard, guarantee he would stay out of the cities and stop eating everyone else's apples.
In Helena, Montana there is going to be public meeting that is being held by the wildlife officials that concern the wolves. A new proposal was brought to them about setting up a Wolf Conservation Stamp. This stamp will allow the non hunters to donate money to help care for the wolves.
A large 80lb leatherback turtle was discovered tangled in a fisherman's net in Atlantic City. A good Samaritan used his GPS to give the coast guard explicit directions to the location of the distressed turtle.
At Penn State a college student was given the nickname Squirrel whisperer after she befriended a squirrel. She also told her local television station that she is able to dress the little furry guy up in party hats. He must the talk of any party he attends and the girls must love him. 

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