Monday, September 08, 2014

Actress killed by falling tree

I personally have never seen Chicago Fire, but my sister has and said that it's a great show and swears by it.. if it has firefighters in it then she'll watch it.
Actress Molly Glynn was killed on Saturday when a tree fell on her while she was out riding her bike with her husband.
They had decided to go for a bike ride when the storm hit, she and her husband went to seek shelter, but the storm was a powerful one and a tree fell and landed on her.
Around 4pm 911 received a call from him saying that she was hurt, she was taken to North Shore Evanston Hospital where it was confirmed that she had passed on Saturday.
Not only was she in Chicago fire, but she was also on Early Edition. She was married to actor Joe Foust {}. According to what he posted on his Facebook her organs were donated. 

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