Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sharknado.. what???

We used to sell some shirts with a picture of a shark in a tornado and the word Sharknado scrawled across the top. I have never seen this movie and most likely will not only because I'm terrified of sharks and if I see them on television or the web then I'll dream about them. I would rather NOT have shark dreams as well as the crocodile and alligator dreams.. those kind just suck big time!
Well according to the trailer I saw, Sharknado is a hurricane that sweeps through Los Angeles and within it's depths are man eating sharks who proceed to terrorize those living in LA. There are some well known celebrities in this movie, Ian Ziering from 90210 and one of my favorites Jaason Simmons of Baywatch. Tara Reid is in it as well as Kelly Osbourne and a few other's who make cameos. Most of the cameo celebs get killed, either eaten, squished or what not.
In Sharknado2 the Sharknado is in New York City with Vivica Foxx. They are in the subways as well. The Statue of Liberty is destroyed.. and well.. they make a mess. I'm not sure who else is in it with her, but it looks fairly interesting though too close to home.
Has anyone seen it??

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