Wednesday, August 20, 2014

No need for a passport.. open a book!

Someone posted a Bubble tonight about Books being passports and it was a fantastic post! Check it out here! Pages are my passport
A lot of folks really don't understand as to how true this really is.. can you honestly tell me that you have never gotten transported to another world simply by just reading a book?
Not only do you go to amazing places, but look at all of the people and creatures you meet?
My heart still belongs in Middle Earth as well as the Wizarding World personally.
Harry Potter took us with him to Hogwarts and all over the Wizarding World a creation of J.K Rowlings, where we battled along side the trio of best friends as he fought the monsters and saved his home from a Dark Lord.
We were transported to Narnia just by flipping through pages of the book series by C.S Lewis, battling an evil witch and her horde of monsters to save Narnia.
We can't forget Tolkiens series The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.. these books and characters are absolutely amazing and the lands and the Elven language Tolkien created is just as amazing.
In the Neverending Story a book called "The Neverending Story" takes a young boy named Bastian to Fantasia where he meets creatures and visits lands unknown and finds himself in the story and only he can save the land merely by giving the Child Empress a name.
In the Labyrinth, Sarah, who hopes to be a stage actress like her deceased mother, reads from a book and gets lost in the world of the Goblin King after her baby brother is taken by the King of the Goblins at her request.
So instead of getting lost in a brain numbing television show.. get lost in a book, your imagination will take you places beyond those that you have found secreted within it's pages.

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