Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My take on Robin William's death

It's a shame that such a wonderful man had to go the way he did and by his own hand at that. Don't get me wrong, I mean that in the most positive way and with no negative intent. He was an absolutely amazing actor and brought smiles and laughter to many homes over his long career. I have always cherished him as an actor and I wish his family the utmost respect and love.

While on Facebook I have read comments on random posts concerning his death and they are saying some horrible things. Some were make fun of the event and others were acting like it was no big deal.
These comments came from 20 something year olds.. what's up with that?? There were 20 something's going against them telling them to cut it out, but still.. why even talk like that?
Depression is a very serious illness and should not be taken lightly, nor should suicide. I have tried suicide before and in the end all I could think about was how it would affect my family. The problem is with most suicidal folks they don't think about that.. they don't think about those their death would affect. They want the quickest way out they can think of and unfortunately it's through suicide. 

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