Sunday, August 24, 2014

Joe Manganiello

People magazine has deemed  Joe Manganiello as their Hottest Bachelor and I believe that he deserves that title! Joe is one of the cast members of  True Blood, he plays  Alcide Herveaux , the pack leader of the werewolves. I've never seen True Blood as I don't have HBO, but I have spoken with folks at work who never miss an episode. He is also an  author with his fitness book called  Evolution , which can be purchased on
He was one of the male strippers in  Magic Mike and the recent film with Arnold Schwarzenegger called  Sabotage . I am curious though as to who his runner up's were, personally if it was a toss up between him and  Hugh Jackman that would be a hard one, only Jackman isn't a bachelor, lol. Or him with  Richard Artimage or  Christian Kane .. yeah those would be some very hard choices for me to deal with. Who do you think is Hollywood's Hottest Bachelor?

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