Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I would be an awesome mother thank you!

The cranky guy I work with told me yesterday that I would be a bad mother because I made a comment about how babysitters are wonderful people. I had said that if a child is acting up at home then they will act up in public so why bring them out where your going to get embarrassed due to their behavior.
He then said "So if I need to go to the store I should get a babysitter?"
I responded with "If your going to be out all day and your child is cranky, leave them home with a sitter."

See he only hears what he wants to hear when people talk to him and he also does his very best to make you feel stupid when you speak to him. He is one who is never happy and has the mind set that the woman should be waiting on the man. He's also trying to find a woman and he's got absolutely no takers at all they see him and run the opposite way.

To his question I said that babysitters are all over the place and the best ones are free and they are in the family! Tell me what grandparent wouldn't want to spend a few hours with their grandbabies? Very rarely will a grandparent say no to having their babies over for a visit so mom and dad can run some errands.

I also said that if you do have to bring them out and they are small enough to sit in a cart, bring something to occupy them. With my nieces I had toys and books in my purse so that they had something to do, and crackers in my purse in case they got hungry. I also had diapers, wipes and a change of clothes in my purse as well.. it's just common sense parenting .. isn't it??

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