Sunday, August 17, 2014

Coffee Time!

I absolutely love my coffee and try to drink a glass of it daily.
I know some say that it stunts one's growth.. well folks I'm already short and clinging onto my 5'3 and a half so it can't make me any shorter can it?
I have tried a few times to make my own coffee creamer using evaportated milk and flavoring, but that failed miserably.
Yeah it was so nasty good thing I only made a tablespoon of it, I kid you not it was so bad the cat went to drink some thinking it was milk and hissed at me.
Like I tried to make her drink it.. she did that all on her little furry own, thank you very much! 
The I found a recipe online that tells you how to make it and you know what?
I should have used sweet and condensed milk and not that evaporated stuff!
So off I went to get the right milk and I made it the way the directions said to do it.
I must say it was ok, not like what I'm used to from the grocery store.
Now I suggest you check out this website by Mrs. Happy Homemaker's Homemade Coffee Creamer.
I do promise you won't regret it as she has recipes for over 2 dozen flavors!

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