Friday, August 15, 2014

Childhood memories to last a lifetime

I have a few posts on the writing sites that I belong to about some random childhood memories I have been having as of late.
My mind has been wandering down memory lane more and more these days, it seems to do so the older I get.
A lot of the memories are good, though there are some bad mingled in of course.
Here's a few of mine..
~ Coming in when the street light turns on, or for us when the porch light came on, it was time to come home or to play in the back yard, depends on if school was in session of not.
During the summer if the porch light came on we had to go play in the back yard.
~ When you were playing outside and got thirsty, you merely turned the water on outside and drink from the hose next to the house... and squirt your friends as they bend down to take a drink.
~ Waiting for the sun to fall and the sky to get dark so you can grab a jar and chase fireflies around the fields or lawn.
~ Riding bikes down the street with a towel tied around your neck pretending you were Batman in the Bat car or Wonder Woman in her glass jet.
~ We had a porch that wrapped around the front of the house and my friend and I used to turn it into a roller skating rink almost every weekend. We would put on our swimsuits that had the little skirts and pretend to be skater girls.
~ Sitting on the front porch when my Grandpa visited during thunderstorms. I would sit on his lap and we would sit there and watch the storms and just talk about whatever came to mind at the time. We also watched for tornado's as well.

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