Thursday, August 21, 2014

AdFly - shorten links and earn money!

I have added another one of my Gmail names to this account so that I can update it no matter what Google account I'm on.

Well on top of my writing I have decided to try something new and see how this site here goes.
I have seen this advertised around the web and previously on random websites that I visited.
Someone was also advertising it on a Facebook group that I am in so I figured why not, what do I have to loose eh?

All you do is shrink your links and get paid to do it.
You get paid every time your link is clicked.
By using the shrink a link section the link to this blog would be which isn't bad when using the twitter to advertise it.

Payments come on the first of each month, but if you want daily payments then that is possible, but you must have a certain amount in your account before you can withdrawal, and it also depends on what payment site your using. - Minimum withdrawal $5. - Minimum withdrawal $5. - Minimum withdrawal $10.

There are a few catches though.. your AdFly account needs to be over 30 days old and you have to have been paid on the monthly pay day at least one time.
You details have to be kept up to date at all times as well, no changing them at the last minute.

I'll let you know how things go with this and will post updates as I go through.
Usually when I try something new I will give it at least 2-3 months to see how it goes, so this will be an adventure to say the least.

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