Friday, August 08, 2014

A Scottish Love Story

Another is a love story and was but a daydream as I laid in bed waiting for sleep to come..
A man named Michael McCloud {Jimmy Thomas} is at an outdoor cafe drinking coffee when he spies the spirit of a woman standing in the street, she comes to him sobbing asking him why he left her and that he promised her forever.
He goes home to his apartment, he's obsessed with Scotland, the name Emma and the brunette with deep blue eyes who makes love to him in his dreams every night, he sits on the couch and watches a video about Scottish hauntings.
One of the stories on the video shows a painting of the woman whose spirit he had seen her name was Emma O'Connor.. she was in misery over the loss of both of her parents and the man she loved along with being forced to marry her mothers step brother.
Emma killed herself to escape the beatings and cruel treatment she was being given.
Michael sells everything he owned and went to Scotland to the castle that once belonged to the spirit woman's family.
The castle was turned into a hotel with many spirits.
The manager points Michael to a photo of a man who was the spitting image of him.
Michael stays in Emma's old room, the manager makes a single phone call which results in 5 men showing up.
In his room he hears the heart wrenching wails and cries and sees an appartiion of a woman being beaten with a leather strap and a walking stick.
He goes downstairs to find men claiming to be his distant relatives.
One wore a black cloak and told him it was time for him to go home back to his time.
He said his name was Ulric.
Turns out he was sent forward in time by a Druid who was in cahoots with the abusive step brother.
Michael goes back before it's too late and faces the step brother and the Druid and step brother are killed.
Emma and her family are spared most painful deaths.
Alas the castle was being haunted by the Druid and step brother, so the family moved in with a relative and the castle was burned to the ground, never to be rebuilt

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