Thursday, July 24, 2014

Teaching children not to bully

It is a parent's job to teach their children how to respect others and how they should act when guests arrive at the house at YOUR invitation, mind you, not the neighbors of their grandmother. It's also Grandma's job as well to teach their grandchildren right from wrong and how to treat other's and to step in when bullying is being done.
Not only does this reflect bad on you as parent's and grandparent's, but it annoys the bloody crap out of me when I have to step in and do Grandma's work! Not only do I not feel bad for having to step in, especially when Grandma is standing in the door watching the bullying take place, but I also end up in a foul mood for the rest of the day.
It's never fun to watch your 8 year old niece run home crying because they weren't letting her play the game with them, or what not. I guess grandma has made it clear to her grandbabies that she doesn't like my 8 year old niece, who tends to take charge of the games and what not a lot.
Whatever the case may be, on Tuesday the girl will NOT be going to their house to play what so ever. I have absolutely no respect for this Grandmother who watched her granddaughter and grandson bully my niece out of a game of kickball.. NOT acceptable! 

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