Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Something funny happened at work today...

So many amusing things happened today I'm really not sure where to start so I'll start at the beginning.
1. I was doing markdowns in the children's department today, all was quiet when I heard a small voice yell " Hey F***!" The small naughty voice belonged to a little boy who looked to be around 4ish. He was holding onto a backpack and dragging it down an isle toward whomever he was with.
I looked up with an eyebrow raised and saw a woman glaring at a man who stood next to her.
He yelled again and this time someone answered him.. The woman started swearing up a storm, every other word out of her mouth was the F word, "Stop saying that it's a bad word!"
The little one said it again and burst into tears and continued to scream and sob the F word. The man, whom I am assuming is his father picked him up and took him out to the candy machines to calm him down, he was laughing the whole way.
Hmm... I wonder who he learned that word from...

2. After that small incident I continued on with my work and everything was quiet for about an hour or so until I heard a woman telling her son.. "Come here so I can slap you!"
We have some pretty special customers that come shop in the store I work at.. The woman then took the child to the toy department and told him not to touch anything, I heard a slap when he touched something.
Grandma showed up and started yelling telling the woman, whom I'm assuming is her daughter in law, not to hit her grandson again. This one was a little older of about 8 or 9 and was a very quiet child and to me he looked like a good boy.
The mother told the grandmother that he was being an disobedient brat and deserved it. Grandma asked what he had done and the mother replied.. "He said no when I told him to wait for me outside."
Mind you it was raining at the time so he most likely ran to get under the awning to get out of the rain. Grandma muttered and took her boy's hand and proceeded to walk away from her.
Then the mother says " Don't I get a kiss goodbye, I won't see you for a week??" No kisses for mommy, but I'm sure that Daddy did get a phone call from a very angry Grandma, lol.
This one left me shaking my head and wondering what she was smoking before she entered the store. My thoughts on this is.. what child would come to their parent after being told "Come here so I can slap you!"
I would say no in a heart beat.. wouldn't you??

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