Saturday, July 26, 2014

Provoking Ghosts and Orbs

When I need a good laugh or two then I'll turn on the paranormal shows for that very purpose.
Not only are they alla joke, but they are, in my opinion, very misleading. Just once I would like to see one paranormal show that doesn't fake things or where there is absolutely no drama. There is enough drama in the paranormal world right now, the shows on the television don't need to add to it.

: Provoking Ghosts :
This is a huge no NO, don't ever do it! Not only are you disrespecting the spirits, but you are making yourself look like an idiot. Want to see idiots? Watch Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventure's they provoke all the time and it's just not right. Who are you to go in and DEMAND that they show themselves to you.. they will choose when they wish to be seen and by whom. If a spirit was a horrible person when he/she was alive, they will be just a horrible in death, plus you are speaking to someone loved one. Would you want someone to speak to your relative that way.. would you want them to speak to You that way?

: Orbs :
There is a lot of controversy as to what an orb really is and how one can tell what an orb is. Is it dust, a bug or something else, there have been many issues in the field about orbs and everyone has their own opinion on them. To me an orb is a ball of energy or life force of someone who has passed away or I also see them asa ghost in a ball form. A true orb in my opinion that shines bright, it gives off it's own light, but honestly those are just my opinions. There are some who also say that the orb colors have some meaning to it as well, check out the link below for the list.. 

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