Friday, July 18, 2014

Participation Ribbons Yes or No?

I was at my nephews baseball game last night and my sister in law and I along with my mom were talking about the sports where you get the participation ribbons. She is totally against them and feels that awards should be earned and that those ribbons shouldn't be handed out.
I agree to some extent, the younger children I can understand them getting one because if they didn't get anything then they would have major meltdowns everywhere. I think there should be an age limit to where those ribbons aren't handed out any more.
I know that my niece Madison,who is 8 received one and was happy about it because as she said "I really tried, Lala, there are some who are better than me and beat me."
She's not a sportsy kind of person like her sister Morgan is, Maddie would much rather be playing with the dolls and reading a book in the corner. She's to much like me it's a bit scary, lol.
When I was younger we didn't have these kinds of ribbons as far as I can remember. If we wanted an award we had to work hard for it and physically earn it.
What are your thought's on these ribbons? 

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