Saturday, July 19, 2014

Of Baseball and Rotweilers

My youngest nephew had a ball game today and their team kicked booty, but unfortunately they lost. The wide assortment of boys on the team absolutely amazes me to be honest as well as the rules of the game. In the first inning two boys stole bases until they made it to home plate which I thought was cheating.. well it should be considered cheating anyway.

Then a man showed up with the most beautiful pup I have seen in a long time.. besides my dog anyway lol. Shelby is a beautiful Rottweiler who is so gentle and tame it's amazing, there were kids running around and yelling and she merely laid there next to her daddy the whole time.. Though her daddy did have one of those nasty choker collars on her with the prongs digging into her neck, that didn't amuse me one bit.

One lady said she wasn't a dog person, but yet another fella had his dog and she loving on it, I'm sure she's thinking the worst about this baby. It's a shame as to how dogs can be labeled as vicious monsters, but look at the owners who trained them to be like that. Fear is fear I suppose, it's just a shame that one has to be scared of a breed when they aren't all bad.

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