Saturday, July 26, 2014

Miss Lily seems to be cranky today.

Every time I go near the cage she seems to get a bit fidgety on me.
I'm not sure why this is, I mean her cage is cleaned and she has food and water so she should be ok.. right?
I know absolutely nothing about taking care of rabbits so I called my niece who actually owns said rabbit and she said that Miss Lily is a drama queen bunny.
Go figure.. another drama queen in the house is just what I need!
I do know that she needs a new cage, so once I get moved into the bigger bedroom I'll be getting her a bigger cage so she has more room to move around and maybe throw in a few toys for her to play with.. is there any catnip for bunnies?
While the girls were at the house this afternoon I made them help me clean out Miss Lily's bunny cage as it was a complete and total mess.
Now that she is living with me it seems that I am the only one taking care of her these days, especially when it comes to cleaning out her cage.
In the beginning before she knew me she used to jump at my hand, now I can stick my hand in the cage and she rubs against me or stays in a corner of the cage when I'm feeding her.
I bought some carrots for her to nibble on as well so she should be pretty set for the night.
After I got her cage cleaned up, I picked her up and hugged her to me so she could bond with me of sorts.
I held her close and she rubbed her whiskery nose against my chin as if to say thank you and then I put her back into the cage.
I really need to go the girl a bigger cage, especially when she moves into the upstairs bedroom with me, that small cage is ok for now, but upstairs she will need a bigger one to move around in.

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