Thursday, July 03, 2014

Midnight Sun

From what I hear the newest installment of "Twilight" will be coming out, but this time the novel titled "Midnight Sun" will be done in Edwards point of view. A few of the chapters from the original "Midnight Sun" novel by Stephanie Meyer was reportedly leaked to the internet in 2008, by who I'm not sure.
Though she was heartbroken and stopped work on that novel, she made the manuscript chapters avaliable on her website for the public to read. Personally I'm not a big Kristen Stewart fan, I think she's a poor actress and they could have done so much better in casting Bella Swan.
I do like all of the other cast, it's just her who does not sit very well with me as the character of Bella Swan. When I read the books and then watched the movies, the two didn't mesh very well with me.. eh just my opinion.


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