Monday, July 21, 2014

Made in the USA

While doing markdowns a few time's I have come across these tags stating that the clothing was made right here in the good ole USA. I try to buy a lot of things that were made here in my home country and that reason is to give those who work here more work to do. Mind you I do buy stuff that isn't made here, but anything food wise comes from here.

My pets food comes from here, nothing made in China enters my pets mouths, if I won't eat it then I won't feed it to them. I have heard of too many pets dying because of treats that come from there, no offence to any who live there. I have a few pet beds and other pet accessoriesfrom there, but edible stuff is from here.

I might not be happy with the government at the moment and at time's I do say thatI can't wait to leave the USA, but all in all I'm not planning to be leaving any time soon. Now unless I win the lotto.. well that could change.. Caribbean here I come!

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