Friday, July 18, 2014

Handwritten notes vs Laptop typed notes

I read an article online a few hours ago about the difference between hand written notes and notes that were typed out on the computer. New research has shown that those who hand write their notes in school will learn more than those who don't. The study also shows that the student who types them out takes more notes than the hand writers, the typer's will type out word for word, while the hand writer's will type out summaries of what they are being told.

Speaking from experience I know that handwriting notes is a pain in the butt, but it's the way I always did it and still do it. I have found that if I handwrite notes then I learn and memorize everything faster. In high school at test time, I always wrote my notes out 3x's. The first draft was in blue ink, second was in red and the 3rd was done in black.
Doing this helped me to remember what I was studying and though it took hours to do, I had good grades in high school! Here's the web page I read.. check it out! 

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